There’s really no mystery to writing for more impact. Would you like to learn how?

Imagine how much easier your business life would be if every time you wrote an e-mail, letter, or report you could be sure it would be read and acted on.

The truth is, everyone can write better by following a few simple guidelines. You’ll find some of these set out below.

Of course, these rules are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to learn more about the secrets of successful business writing, please contact me to ask about my customized seminars and training programs.

Start with the main message

Short is better

Plain language please

Descriptive sub-headers really work

"On behalf of the Vikings "tack sċ mycket" for these two really good speeches. They are just as I was hoping they would be and indeed got thumbs up and "thank you" notes from both gentlemen concerned already. And THAT is rather rare, let me assure you!"
Judith Gubser, Associate Director, Event Manager UK, North and Eastern Europe, UBS Wealth Management